Air France Airbus A380

I got my first Airbus A380 as a pasalubong, but we got it in a store in Greenhills.

The Airbus A380 is the world's largest passenger airline. The A380, previously designated as the A3XX, broke Boeing's stranglehold on jumbo airlines. The four-engined double-decker can seat up to 853 passengers. Its floorspace is 40% larger than Boeing's competitor, the 747-8. It entered service in 2007.

The model I got has an Air France livery.

Model: Airbus A380 
Livery: Air France  
Registration: F-HPJC
Manufacturer: Phoenix Platinum Series
Scale: 1:400 
Length: 7.18" 
Wingspan: 7.85" 
Provenance: Toy Nuts, Greenhills, Metro Manila
Price: PhP 2,300.00 


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