Featured Store: Toy Studio - MBK Mall, Bangkok

Last weekend I visited a hobby shop while in a trip to Bangkok, Thailand. The shop is named Toy Studio, and it is located at the second floor of the MBK Mall in downtown Bangkok, right along Sukhumvit road.

The store is not very large, about 20 ft x 20 ft, but it is brimming with die-cast toys in all sizes and shapes. The glass front has shelves that contain a vast number of planes and cars, including 1:100 sizes. They also carry most of the notable brands: Herpa, Gemini, Hogan, Dragon Wings and Phoenix. Most major airlines are represented, as well as the more obscure ones. I also saw some die-cast military aircraft in 1:200 and 1:44 scale. 

I found the prices to be wanting though. I was hoping that the prices would be a bit cheaper than the shops in Metro Manila but found out that they are almost the same. I bought an AirAsia Philippines A320 for 1,200 baht, which is about PhP1,600, which is the same price in Manila. I still bought just so I'd have something that was procured in Bangkok, more like a souvenir at the very least.

They do have a selection of marked-down items, cheaper by 50%. One thing that might offset the prices though is the breadth of the selection, so if you are looking for a hard-to-find item that will complete your collection then Toy Studio could be the hunting ground to go. 

Toy Studio is at the 2nd floor of MBK Mall, Bangkok, Thailand
Website: http://www.toystudiobkk.com/ 


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