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Boeing 747-8I Sunrise Livery

I was able to visit the brick-and-mortar Boeing Store in St. Louis, MO a few weeks ago and the model I picked was the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental with the Boeing sunrise livery. 
The 747-8I was a derivative of the 747-400 but has a longer fusilage. It is the largest 747, largest passenger aircraft built in the United States and at 250 ft 2", the longest passenger aircraft in the world [1].

Model: Boeing 747-8I 
Livery: Boeing sunrise livery 
Manufacturer: Hogan Wings 
Scale: 1:400 
Length: 7.5" 
Wingspan: 6.75" 
Provenance: Boeing Store, St. Louis, MO (
Price: $35
Note: has spinning engine fans.