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Airbus Kinder Surprise A330-300

I got this unique limited-edition collectible from a friend who flew in from Japan aboard a Philippines Airlines flight. The Airbus Kinder Surprise 5-pack is a box filled with five chocolate eggs, each egg containing a model of an Airbus A330-300 plane in different liveries. 
The liveries include Lufthansa, Airbus, Turkish Airlines, Asiana Airlines and a fantasy Kinder brand livery. The planes are small, probably 1:600 by the size of it. They are also not die-cast metal, but plastic, and are disassembled to fit inside the egg.The box has a clear plastic cover and has a smaller box inside which doubles as a display case. Each plane also comes with a plastic stand.

This is not the scale that I usually collect but I liked this collection for its uniqueness (the box says it is only available for air travellers, so these can only be bought in duty-free shops and onboard during flight).The cholocate covering the eggs is also a delicious bonus!
Model: Airbus A330-300 Livery: Airbus, Lufthansa, T…