Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Boeing 747-8I Sunrise Livery

I was able to visit the brick-and-mortar Boeing Store in St. Louis, MO a few weeks ago and the model I picked was the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental with the Boeing sunrise livery. 

The 747-8I was a derivative of the 747-400 but has a longer fusilage. It is the largest 747, largest passenger aircraft built in the United States and at 250 ft 2", the longest passenger aircraft in the world [1].

Model: Boeing 747-8I 
Livery: Boeing sunrise livery 
Manufacturer: Hogan Wings 
Scale: 1:400 
Length: 7.5" 
Wingspan: 6.75" 
Provenance: Boeing Store, St. Louis, MO (boeingstore.com
Price: $35
Note: has spinning engine fans. 


  1. What an awesome die cast version of the Boeing 747. The detail is amazing and the price is right. This is sure to be a collectible in the future.

  2. So cool, but you know that, some rummors says: the engines are brittle and sturdy and even the wheels are broke off, but is that True?

  3. So cool model very detailed model for me, this is the best model ever!,