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Head to Head: Airbus A380 vs Boeing 747-8

Boeing and Airbus have been competing in the passenger jet market since the 70s, and until 2007, Boeing ruled the wide-body arena with its 747 airliner. Airbus finally  came up with an answer, the A380, which became the largest passenger airliner in the world when it was introduced. Not to be outdone, Boeing also updated the 747 by introducing the 747-8 Intercontinental. I finally got both models this year.
Here's how the two airliners compare in real life: 

Boeing 747-8 Length: 250 ft  Wingspan: 224 ft  Cabin Width: 20.1 ft  Height: 63 ft  Maximum Take-Off Weight: 448,000 kg Max Passengers:  605 Range: 9210 miles Price:  $357.5 million

Airbus A380 Length: 238.6 ft  Wingspan: 261.6 ft  Fuselage Width: 23.4 ft  Height: 80.2 ft  Maximum Take-Off Weight: 575,000 kg Max Passengers: 853 (one class) Range: 9755 miles Price: $403.9 million

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Grab a Porsche from Petron

Petron, a Philippine oil company, is running the 'Grab a Porsche' promo this November. A purchase of PhP1000 in any Petron gas station gives you a chance to buy one of the five 1:32 diecast Porsche cars.

The cars are Porsche GT3 Cup (white), 918 Spyder (gray), Carrera GT (red), Cayman Race (blue) and the 911 GT3 Race (black with red trim). The Spyder and the Carrera GT comes with a relica key that acts as remote for controlling the lights and sounds. The remote will work with all the five cars. Each box also contains extra sets of button cell batteries, and some cars comes with sticker decals.

The cars with remote cost PhP 240, while the rest cost PhP180. The promo will last for the whole of November. I've only have three so far, so two more to go. 

Air France Airbus A380

I got my first Airbus A380 as a pasalubong, but we got it in a store in Greenhills.

The Airbus A380 is the world's largest passenger airline. The A380, previously designated as the A3XX, broke Boeing's stranglehold on jumbo airlines. The four-engined double-decker can seat up to 853 passengers. Its floorspace is 40% larger than Boeing's competitor, the 747-8. It entered service in 2007.
The model I got has an Air France livery.

Model: Airbus A380 
Livery: Air France  
Registration: F-HPJC
Manufacturer: Phoenix Platinum Series
Scale: 1:400 
Length: 7.18" 
Wingspan: 7.85" 
Provenance: Toy Nuts, Greenhills, Metro Manila
Price: PhP 2,300.00 

Boeing 747-8I Sunrise Livery

I was able to visit the brick-and-mortar Boeing Store in St. Louis, MO a few weeks ago and the model I picked was the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental with the Boeing sunrise livery. 
The 747-8I was a derivative of the 747-400 but has a longer fusilage. It is the largest 747, largest passenger aircraft built in the United States and at 250 ft 2", the longest passenger aircraft in the world [1].

Model: Boeing 747-8I 
Livery: Boeing sunrise livery 
Manufacturer: Hogan Wings 
Scale: 1:400 
Length: 7.5" 
Wingspan: 6.75" 
Provenance: Boeing Store, St. Louis, MO (
Price: $35
Note: has spinning engine fans.