Bombardier CRJ-900 Next Gen

I took a Bombardier CRJ-900 from Detroit to St. Louis way back in 2010 in a Delta Connections flight.

The CRJ-900 Next Gen is a stretched version of the CRJ-700 regional airliner. Longer by about 7 meters (length of the -900 is 39.13 meters), it can seat up to 90 passengers. This particular Scandinavian Airlines aircraft can seat 86, and has a range of 2,104 miles. [1]  

Model: Bombardier CRJ-900
Livery: Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)
Registration: OY-KFA
Manufacturer:  Gemini Jets
Scale: 1:400
Length: 3.55"
Wingspan: 2.41"  
Provenance: Hobbiestock Greenhills
Price: PhP 1200


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