Braniff Boeing 727-200

This Braniff International Airways Boeing 727-200 is the first tri-jet in my collection. The -200 variant is the stretched version of the original. The aircraft, a successor to the 707 jet, has a T-tail configuration.

Braniff Airways was established in 1928, but became bankrupt in 1982. It is only American airline to operate the Concorde, thru a lease from British Airways and/or Air France. 

The color scheme depicted in this model is known as the "Flying Colors," developed by artist Alexander Calder in 1973. 

Model: Boeing 727-200
Livery: Braniff International Airways Flying Colors livery
Manufacturer:  Dragon Wings
Scale: 1:400
Length: 3.96"
Wingspan: 3.21" 
Provenance: Lil's Hobby Shop Megamall
Price: PhP 598


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